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"Bruce has been tuning my 1933 George Steck grand for four years now. My piano has never sounded so good!"

— Ernest Vincent Pons

Bruce Trummel has always had a keen love and appreciation of music. As a small child he loved playing records on the phonograph his father had built. In fact he loved music so much he broke his collar bone at the age of 3, bouncing on the family sofa to a lively march. One wrong bounce and he was on the floor with a broken collarbone. The collarbone healed nicely but Bruce's love of music has remained with him.

Bruce's fascination with recorded music led him to experiment with building acoustic phonographs. What he learned in these experiments would later be useful in his servicing of acoustic pianos.

Bruce started piano lessons at the age of 6 and continued several years. He then studied cornet, eventually switching to the French horn, taking lessons and playing in the school band and orchestra. He mastered a Mozart horn concerto and enjoyed playing in the theatre orchestra for high school performances of "South Pacific", "The King and I", and "Oklahoma".

Bruce attended the University of Iowa, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Dramatic Art in 1972. While in college he studied film production, radio and television production, and music appreciation.

In 1982 Bruce graduated from the San Francisco School of Piano Tuning. His first big project after graduation was the rebuilding of an 1892 Sterling upright piano, complete with all new strings and hammers. It was a fun project, and helped polish his skills. Bruce restored a number of other antique pianos over the next several years, along with tuning many pianos in San Francisco and the peninsula.

In 1987 Bruce moved to San Jose, where he continued his career servicing pianos. He worked for a number of years for Colton Piano as well as The Piano Warehouse, preparing new pianos for sale and then tuning them in the homes of their new owners. This gained Bruce additional skills in diagnosing and correcting factory flaws.

In 1997 Bruce moved to the Monterey Peninsula. He continued to work with The Piano Warehouse, now re-named California Piano, as well as working with Carnes Piano, further polishing his skills.

In 2014 Bruce moved to Sacramento to be nearer to family. He continues his craft, servicing pianos in the greater Sacramento area. He continues to serve his long time clients in the Bay Area as time permits.


Bruce has never lost his love of recorded music. He still enjoys listening to a wide range of music. He has an extensive collection of recordings, in multiple formats, including CDs, LP record albums, 45 rpm records, 78 rpm records, cassette tapes and yes an ipod.

Bruce enjoys listening to the older recordings on vintage equipment. Among his listening devices are a 1918 windup Sonora phonograph, a 1929 Radio with Electrola (phonograph) and a 1972 Dual turntable.

Bruce enjoys restoring the vintage equipment as well as listening to it.

Bruce also enjoys attending live concerts when time permits.

Recently Bruce has taken up the ukulele. Although he is not exactly a polished performer yet, he is having a lot of fun with it.


Sacramento and surrounding areas including the following counties:

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  • El Dorado
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