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Prices are all based on the amount of time and materials it takes to perform each task. Please contact us for current pricing on any service.


Services include:


Tuning, also called "fine tuning," refers to finely adjusting the tension of all 200 plus strings so that each one sounds at its proper pitch. This allows the piano to sound its best regardless of which key signature you are playing in.

Your piano may also need pitch raising if it has notbeen tuned regularly in the past. Pitch raising refers to a major change in the overall pitch of the piano. If pitch raising is needed, it must be performed prior the fine tuning in order to achieve a solid stable tuning.


Whatever repairs your piano may need, including the following common piano problems:

  • Key that doesn't work
  • Broken key
  • Sticking or sluggish key
  • Noisy or squeaky keys
  • Cracked, broken or missing keytops
  • Broken or missing string
  • Broken hammer
  • Buzzing damper
  • Buzzing string
  • Pedals that don't function

Repair services are offered for all types of piano:

  • Grands
  • Uprights
  • Consoles
  • Spinets

And all brands:

  • Baldwin
  • Steinway
  • Kawai
  • Yamaha
  • Cline
  • Wurlitzer
  • Kimball
  • Young Chang
  • Samick
  • Pearl River
  • Aeolian
  • Sterling
  • Kohler and Campbell
  • Weber
  • Sohmer
  • Story and Clark
  • Hamilton
  • Howard
  • Fischer
  • and many others


Regulation refers to the adjustment of the various action parts (keys, hammers, dampers, pedals, etc.) so that they work as intended, giving the pianist an even controlled touch throughout the keyboard. Proper regulation also extends the life of your instrument.


All pianos benefit from being kept clean. A piano is a precision-built machine as well as a musical instrument. It cannot continue to function as it should if dirt is allowed to accumulate in it. Dirt will cause premature wear to the action, and may cause keys to stick. Dirt also attracts moisture, which can cause the strings to rust.

Dust and dirt also detract from the appearance of your piano, especially if you have a grand piano.

The best way to prevent these problems is to have your piano professionally cleaned periodically.


Voicing refers to adjusting the hardness of the hammers through the use of special needles or chemicals to effect an even tone throughout the piano.

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